A sustainable range of building products

PVC is the sustainable solution, with a low carbon footprint of 1.9kg’s and recycled PVC even lower at an incredible 0.3kg, PVC is the low maintenance, long life, value for money choice for roofline.

Recent figures issued by the British Plastics Federation show the significant increase in PVC recycling, with the industry exceeding post-consumer waste targets of 200,000 tonnes and achieving an impressive 250,000 tonnes.

High profile projects now regularly utilise PVC. The 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority used 140,000 square meters of PVC fabric in the various venues showing recognition and confidence in the sustainable development programme that the PVC industry has put in place.

Environmental Management
Freefoam is committed to the prevention of pollution and to continual improvement in environmental management and performance. To reinforce its commitment, Freefoam has achieved ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System certification at its site in Northampton and implements this on an on-going basis. 

Recycled material
Freefoam products contain recycled material, some produced with an impressive 85% recycled content such as the co-extruded rainwater system. This recycled material is post production waste captured during and after the production process. Freefoam currently recycles 85% of PVC waste and is engaged in projects that will increase this to 98%. Freefoam do not include material from other recycled streams to ensure the integrity of the promises made about performance in product guarantees. 

Lead Free all the way through
Freefoam insists on a 100% lead free formulation. Some manufacturers of PVC-UE foam products take the view that as long as recyclate is encased within an outer skin, meaning the foam core, but not in the surface skin, then it doesn’t matter. While that may be technically correct for now, Freefoam isn’t prepared to compromise on this environmental matter. 100% lead free means a complete lead free product... not just a lead free skin!

Low waste means reduced carbon footprint
Freefoam runs very efficient plants using modern state of the art equipment combined with the very best performing raw materials. This allows it to consistently control  the manufacturing process resulting in a scrap rate below 10%. This in turn means that less energy is being expended in the production of the finished product meaning a reduced carbon footprint. Any manufacturer claiming to have an average recycled content greater than 10% is basically admitting to unacceptable inefficiencies in their production processes adding to their carbon footprint.

A+ rated cladding
The BRE ‘Green Guide to Specification’ has given PVC cladding an impressive A+ rating when installed with standard components. Freefoam cladding can improve thermal insulation and help fight heat loss to reduce energy bills.