Frequently asked questions

Q - What is roofline?

A - Roofline is the generic term used for all the products that form the base of your roof. Fascia, soffit and guttering. See our handy roofline guide that explains what the different parts are for.

Q - Can I buy Freefoam products direct from the manufacturer?

A - No, Freefoam supplies its range through a wide network of independent stockists.

Q - Where is my nearest Freefoam stockist?

A - Contact Freefoam for information about your local Freefoam stockist, or use out handy stockist finder to find your 3 closest stockists online.

Q - How do I find a Registered Installer in my area?

A - Our Registered Installers offer free quotes for installation, and we offer a service that connects you to an installer near you. 

     If you are looking for a cladding quote, visit and submit a quote request or click here.

     If you are looking for a roofline quote, visit and submit a quote request or click here.

For all other enquiries, contact Freefoam who will advise you of a local installer. 

Q - How do I get technical information and advice about Freefoam products?

A - Freefoam provides a wide range of brochures and guides that give product specification, fitting instructions and technical information. All are available to download from the Brochures and Guides page. We also provide a helpful technical advice service.

Q - What does the Lifetime Guarantee apply to?

A - The Lifetime Guarantee is available on all white Freefoam products including fascia, soffit, guttering and cladding.

Q - What happens to the Freefoam Guarantee if I move?

A - The Freefoam Guarantee is fully transferable if you move. It can be transferred to second or subsequent owners during the first 10 years from the date of installation. Every change of ownership within that period must be registered with Freefoam Plastics through the website within one month of the change for the guarantee to remain effective.

If you have a question that hasn't been covered above please contact us and we'll be happy to help.