Roofline guide

Roofline: the point where the walls of the house meet the roof. One of the vulnerable parts of a building because it is exposed to attack from wind and rain. Difficult to see problems occurring and hard to maintain.

PVC-U is the logical choice for roofline. Wood moves, absorbs water and requires regular maintenance. Constant exposure to harsh weather conditions leads to breakdown, rot and decay. PVC-U is stable, incredibly hardwearing and requires minimal maintenance.

Rainwater: the term given to the gutters and downpipes. Attached to a building’s roofline to carry rain away from the roof into the drainage system.

Water from blocked or broken gutters will overflow down exterior walls creating conditions that can lead to unhealthy damp and mould on the inside. If moisture gets into the roof rafters joists will start to rot leading to costly repairs.

PVC-U versus Painted Timber


PVC-U Painted Timber
 Low maintenance
 50 year guarantee
 UV protected *
 Recyclable **


* Requires regular maintenance.
** Painted timber is recyclable in theory, but requires a lot of work to remove paint because it penetrates the wood. In practice a lot of old timber ends up in the skip or on the fire.

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