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Eaves Protection & Fascia Ventilation

Freefoam offers a range of products in order to protect the eaves and provide fascia ventilation. All of our ventilated products meet specified building regulations and are safe and convenient to use on many building projects. At Freefoam, we stock over-fascia ventilation to help ensure a consistent circulation of air throughout the roof space. We manufacture ventilation products suitable for both pitched and flat roofs ensuring we can cater for an extensive range of projects. The eaves protection available from Freefoam provides an over-fascia guard for new-build or refurbishment projects and will improve the durability and reliability of any roofline installation.

FVENT10 Over Fascia Vent

Type: Vent Code: FVENT10

Black (RAL No. 9005)

FVENT25 Over Fascia Vent

Type: Vent Code: FVENT25

Black (RAL No. 9005)

FPEP1 Eaves Protector

Type: Eaves Protector Code: FPEP1

Black (RAL No. 9005)

FPBC1 Bird Comb

Type: Eaves Protector Code: FPBC1

Black (RAL No. 9005)

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