Typical Installation Sequence


  1. Fix a suitable breather membrane to substrate in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations


  2. Fix vertical 25mm x 50mm battens to substrate at 400mm c/c. start 200mm from the ground.


  3. Fix ventilated starter trim at bottom of area (FC3123) making sure it is level. Fix ventilated closer trim (FC311E3) to top of area.


  4. Fix Single Part Trims and/or first part of Two Part Edge, Corner and ‘H’ Trims as necessary. Do not cut second parts of trim to length yet.


  5. Fit first Cladding Plank to Vented Starter Trim and screw fix top to cladding batten using ACSS500 cladding screws. Where necessary join the end of boards using a compatible Butt Joint or ‘H’ Trim with the correct expansion joint.


  6. Interlock next Cladding Plank to the Plank below and screw fix top to cladding batten with ACSS500 cladding screws, repeating the process until the entire area to be clad is covered.


  7. Cut second parts of 2 part trims to length and clip in place.


Thermal Expansion
PVC Cladding expands and contracts in differing temperatures.
• Always allow 8mm thermal expansion gaps at the ends of each cladding board fitted at an average temperature.

Continuous ventilation must be maintained between vertical battens.
• Always allow 5mm minimum ventilation gap at the top of any cladding installation.


Always install in accordance with good building practice and relevant regulatory guidance. For any technical advice or queries please contact 01604 591110 or email uktechnical@freefoam.com.



Download our Cladding Installation Guide here.