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Cap Over Fascia

Using cap over fascia boards is the perfect way to improve existing wood fascia boards without a full replacement. When the original fascias do not need to be completely removed, Freefoam can offer a variety of products which are suitable for protecting the existing system. We have three cap over fascia boards available, including the Square Edged fascia system, Ogee fascia system and Magnum Square Leg fascia system. Our entire uPVC fascia range is modern and stylish and provides a clean, professional finish to any roofline project. We have a range of colours available including white and woodgrain effect as well as a variety of fascia widths to accompany any design. 

Product Image
FW 10mm Square Leg Fascia
The Square Leg fascia system is a clean, modern style 10mm thick board with a full range of...

Product Image
FO 10mm Ogee Fascia
The ogee fascia system is a traditional ‘s’ curved style which includes the 10mm thick...

Product Image
FLP 9mm Square Edged Fascia
The square edged fascia system is a clean, modern style which includes the 9mm thick fascia board...