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Interior Panelling

Add style to your indoor project with modern interior wall cladding from Freefoam. Geo-panel® provides a stylish and cost-effective alternative to tiling whilst maintaining benefits such as waterproofing and easy cleaning.

GET7AECWH External Corner White (Aluminium)

Type: Corner Code: GET7AECWH

Alumnium White

GET7AHTWH H-Join White (Aluminium)

Type: Joiner Code: GET7AHTWH

Alumnium White

GET7AUTSI End U Bright Silver-Chrome (Aluminium)

Type: Trim Code: GET7AUTSI

Alumnium Bright Silver

GET7AICSI Internal Corner Bright Silver-Chrome (Aluminium)

Type: Corner Code: GET7AICSI

Alumnium Bright Silver

GET7AECSI External Corner Bright Silver-Chrome (Aluminium)

Type: Corner Code: GET7AECSI

Alumnium Bright Silver

GET7AHTSI H-Join Bright Silver-Chrome (Aluminium)

Type: Joiner Code: GET7AHTSI

Alumnium Satin

GET7AUTSA End U Satin (Aluminium)

Type: Trim Code: GET7AUTSA

Alumnium Bright Silver

GET7AECSA External Corner Satin (Aluminium)

Type: Corner Code: GET7AECSA

Alumnium Satin

GET7AHTSA H-Join Satin (Aluminium)

Type: Joiner Code: GET7AHTSA

Alumnium Satin

GET7DCSI Geopanel PVC Decor Clip In - Silver (Aluminium)

Type: Trim Code: GET7DCSI

Silver Trim

GEOCLNSPRAY Geopanel Cleaner

Type: Cleaner Code: GEOCLNSPRAY

GE10 Acrylic Wall Panel

Type: Panel Code: GE10

Aqua Sparkle (AAS)

Black Sparkle (ABLS)

White Sparkle (AWHS)

Red Sparkle (ARS)

Brushed Steel (ABSTL)

Silver Sparkle (ASS)

Gun Metal Sparkle (AGMS)

Interior Panelling Brands

Brand Image

Stylish Panelling, Made Easy For a stylish and modern home, Geo-panel® offers cost-effective solutions in the form of decorative PVC internal panelling. This range is suitable for both new and existing interior walls. When tiling isn’t a convenient option due to space, time or budget, Geo-panel® offers many benefits such as...

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