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UPVC Soffit

To preserve and protect the underside of any roof edge, choose from our large collection of soffit board, from Solid Soffit and Hollow Soffit. 

The Solid Soffit comes with built in ventilation in the form of single or double rows of vents..We provide a range of circualr or stip vents that can be inserted in to soffit to also provide ventilation.

Vented soffit range will minimise the risk of trapped moist air and is a long-term solution for easy maintenance.

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uPVC Solid and Vented Soffit Systems and Accessories
Soffits are an integral part of the roofline system enclosing and protecting the underside of the...

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Hollow Soffit - Board, Pins, Nails & Finishing Trim
Hollow soffit is a popular choice because of its attractive panelled effect and installation...

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PVC Soffit Ventilation
There is a wide range of ventilator products available to ensure that adequate ventilation is...

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Soffit Finishing Trims
A range of trims designed to fix soffit boards to create a secure, long lasting professional...

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Plastic Headed Pins & Nails for uPVC Facia & Soffits
The Freefoam Plastops®  range of plastic headed pins and nails is designed to give a neat,...

UPVC Soffit Brands

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Freefoam is our master brand encompassing the complete range of Freefoam products. These include products ranging from fascia and soffit to window boards The Freefoam brand represents the company’s commitment to providing customers with the highest levels of product quality, innovation and customer service. Dedication to Quality...

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Colour Specialists Freefoam manufactures one of the most technologically advanced colour PVC-U and PVC-UE fascia and soffit ranges using our unique, patented, Colormax® technology. We provide excellent colour variety, colour-matching and colourfastness options throughout our product range. Industry Leading Colour Range By using a...

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